Table reservations

Welcome to Heinätori! We want to take as good care of you as possible, so we listed some essential points regarding your visit.

ONLINE RESERVATIONS. We confirm the reservations made via our website as soon as possible. We believe that a few hours is a suitable period of time to enjoy our service without any sense of hurry. If, however, you wish to stay longer, that is of course possible, as well. All you have to do is inform us of your request in connection with reservation. We do not serve fast food, but you can still visit our restaurant for less than two hours.

RESERVATIONS BY PHONE. You can, of course, also inform us of your wishes by calling: +358 3 212 1205. It is particularly advisable to make same-day reservations by phone.

PAYMENT. First, it is time to eat and enjoy the moment, and then it is time to pay the check. In this regard, we do not, unfortunately, accept lunch vouchers, but we do accept lunch cards. To keep the process fluent and easy, we wish that if you arrive in a group of more than six, you order in advance and accept a single bill. In our experience, this helps us create a pleasant atmosphere for your special moment.

ENTRANCE. One more thing: if you are visiting us for the first time, please note that the Heinätori entrance is located on the terrace-side of the building.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. All the important points are probably already covered. We just wish to remind you that our kitchen closes one hour before the restaurant closes.

We bid you a warm welcome.

The restaurant is closed 17.-23.6. and will be back open 25.6. from 16 on.

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