Story of Heinätori

‘Heinätori is a traditional restaurant with white tablecloths and no tricks or gimmicks.’

Restaurant Heinätori
Since 2008


Former weighing room
from 1914


Designed by architect
L. Petterson

‘We respect food and minimise food loss at the risk of not being able to provide the last party of the evening with the most popular dish of the day. We let the Finnish ingredients shine, so marinating is not part of our cooking process.

Potato is one of our most important ingredients. When we get the potatoes, they still have soil on them to preserve their fresh taste. We peel potatoes every day, 2,500 kilos a year. This is a small but significant matter. We treat all the other ingredients with the same respect.

The food we serve is strongly based on our business idea, which, on the other hand, is mainly based on this gorgeous old building and my food philosophy.

Heinätori is a fine dining restaurant in its most basic form. Without aiming at anything too posh, we prepare food that our customers appreciate. We take pride in not only serving our customers well but also treating them like royalty. The à la carte list is and stays the same year after year. Only the Heinätori menu changes regularly. On Wednesdays, we serve traditional Finnish pork sauce.

Already in my childhood, I internalised a certain appreciation of food and good manners. It is reflected in everything we do. I also serve a great deal of food myself and participate in looking after our guests.

Heinätori is a place that people seek out – and often return to. Almost every one of our guests has visited us before or received recommendations from people they know.

This is Heinätori. The restaurant of my dreams, which I and my wife Irja spent decades planning and which became a reality in 2008.’




Lauri Väänänen