The restauraunt is closed 17.12.-8.1., and will open its doors 9.1. from 16 on.

The restauraunt is closed 17.12.-8.1., and will open its doors 9.1. from 16 on.

The restauraunt is closed 17.12.-8.1., and will open its doors 9.1. from 16 on.

Welcome to the Heinätori Restaurant!

Once you’ve read this story, we hope you will feel enticed to visit our restaurant, which has been in its current location since 2008.

Heinätori is not only a square in Tampere – it’s also a building overlooking the square. The name ‘Heinätori’, meaning hay market, stems from the straw and hay business conducted here back in the day. Hay was brought into the city for the rather obvious reason that there were no fields in the town. The hay was fed to cattle and horses owned by many of the townspeople.

What is now our restaurant used to be a weighing room. Horse carriages were driven through the large doors for weighing. We still have the original doors in the restaurant, and photos of bygone days on the walls. It’s good to know your history, because only then can you appreciate traditions. Talking of traditions: we serve traditional food.


‘Heinätori is a traditional restaurant with
white tablecloths and no tricks or gimmicks.’


We respect food, and don’t want any to be thrown away. That’s why we plan the following day’s menu carefully. It’s possible that the last customers in the evening no longer have the full menu to choose from. But rather that, than throwing away lots of good food. Of course, if you make a booking and place your order at the same time, you’re guaranteed to get what you want.

Heinätori is a fine dining restaurant in its most basic form. There’s no unnecessary snobbery. We cook food that our customers appreciate. We value pure Finnish ingredients. We allow the food’s own flavours to shine through, without drowning them in marinade.

The à la carte menu stays the same year after year. As they say, “If it works, don’t fix it.” Only the Heinätori menu changes regularly. On Wednesdays, we serve traditional Finnish pork sauce.


“We make your important days special.”


We offer a quiet setting and delicious food. Heinätori is an excellent setting for a company lunch or private functions, and all sorts of events. We like to talk about good treatment rather than service. We provide our customers with warm, personal attention.

We believe that a few hours is the perfect amount of time for enjoying our service without feeling hurried. If, however, you want to stay longer, that too is, of course, possible. All you have to do is inform us of your request in connection with reservation. We do not serve fast food, but you can still visit our restaurant for less than two hours.

Heinätori is a place that people seek out – and often return to. Almost every one of our guests has visited us before or received recommendations from people they know. We hope this is the case with you, too. See you soon.

Heinätori staff